Marai Haneda works the Stud

Marai Haneda is a gorgeous Asian pornstar with nice big tits. Our stud makes a deal with her. She gives him a blowjob and lets him tit-fuck her. He eats her pussy and then fucks her. She accepts the deal and the AMAZING action begins.

Marai Haneda takes on our Stud at

Cast:  Marai Haneda, Uncredited Male

Marai is a gorgeous Japanese Porn star with very nice tits.

Marai Haneda prepares for the scene

I got these photos (of Marai) from our friends at (which is a website that specializes in Japanese BBWs and pornstars with big tits).

Now, I don’t really consider Marai to be a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman – a nice way of saying “Fat” or “Overweight”).

Marai Haneda and our stud get cozy

I would certainly agree that Marai is “top heavy”.  Some of you might even think that she is fat (on an Asian standard).  I don’t quite share that view, but I understand if you do.

Anyway, Marai comes to the porn studio (as does our lucky stud).  At this point they “exchange services”.

Our stud tit fucks Marai Haneda

She gives him a very nice blowjob and lets him fuck her tits.

He eats her pussy.

That sounds like a fair deal to me!!!

Afterward, the lucky man gets to fuck this beautiful woman.  And we all get “green with envy”.

Our stud eats Marai Haneda's pussy

That’s porn, my friends.  It sometimes makes you wish that you pursued a different profession.


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Marai Haneda takes some dick

Asa Akira works extra HARD for that A+ in Math Class

Asa Akira’s smart mouth gets her in trouble with her Teacher. Fortunately, her mouth (and pussy) gets herself out of trouble in this Classroom Sex Scene.

Cast:  Asa Akira, Christian

This is another one of these Teacher/Student sex-fantasy episodes, brought us by our friends at (which is a part of the website system).

Do I need to say that (for you High School Teachers out there), this episode falls into the “DO NOT TRY THIS IN YOUR OWN CLASSROOM” department?

Asa Akira - poses on a Teacher's Desk

Anyway, Asa Akira (a gorgeous Asian Student) is a math genius.  In fact, she knows more math than her teacher (Christian) does.  This fact embarrasses him and wounds his fragile ego.

Asa Akira solves a tough math problem

By the way;  you should check out her VERY SHORT skirt when she walks into the classroom.  A very nice scene indeed!!!

To both punish and put Asa Akira in her place, the teacher demands that she suck on his cock…. or she gets an F in the class.

Asa Akira begins to suck cock

Not wanting to ruin her GPA (Grade Point Average), Asa complies and begins sucking.

I’m sure that having this gorgeous student sucking on your cock will soothe any wounded ego.

Of course (in porn) things move very quickly from here.

Asa Akira continues to Suck Cock

Before long, the teacher is fucking Asa Akira on top of his desk in the classroom.

Rest assured, that by the time Asa gets jizz all over her face, she has earned an A+ in the class, and all is right in the World.

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Asa Akira gets fucked in a classroom

Chihiro Akino, Gorgeous Japanese Porn Star enjoys toys and then boy later

Chihiro Akino, a gorgeous Japanese pornstar enjoys some toys and then a boy in an AWESOME outdoor sex scene.

Cast:  Chihiro Akino, Uncredited Male

This is my very first post for a model on, which is a VERY HIGH-quality site that focuses on Japanese porn.

Chihiro Akino is a gorgeous Japanese pornstar with VERY nice tits and a beautiful hairy pussy.

Chihiro Akino rubbing her pussy

The scene starts out (outdoors), first with (of course) Chihiro posing nude in a very seductive manner.

Chihiro Akino enjoys the toys (Double Vibrator)

Next, the tools come out (in the form of two vibrators) – which she enjoys.

Chihiro Akino gives a nice blow job

Finally, Chihiro enjoys a cock from one our JAVHD’s male actors.

He also provides Chihiro with a nice creampie (something that they do a lot more of in Japan than they do in other porn-producing countries).

I certainly envy this male actor, Chihiro Akino HAS to be a wonderful and unforgettable assignment.

Chihiro Akino after our sex session - Cream pie

Where do I sign to get a “gig” like this?

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I hope that you enjoy the video as much as I did!!


Hinano Shirosaki takes on Some Power Tools and to Men at once.

Japanese Porn Star, Ms. Hinano Shirosaki takes on two men in a wild, passionate sex scene.

Cast:  Hinano Shirosaki, 2 Uncredited Men

This is the first of many postings, that I will have of Japanese pornstars.  Japan is becoming a big source for high-quality porn.

Today we have the gorgeous Hinano Shirosaki taking on two men – at once.

Things start off friendly enough.  The men start fondling Ms Shirosaki all over her body.

Things then escalate to toe-licking and then fisting.

Then things upgrade to the “Power Tools” (e.g., various vibrators to further stimulate Ms Shirosaki’s pussy.

Finally, there is Double-Penetration and more…..

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