Marai Haneda works the Stud

Marai Haneda is a gorgeous Asian pornstar with nice big tits. Our stud makes a deal with her. She gives him a blowjob and lets him tit-fuck her. He eats her pussy and then fucks her. She accepts the deal and the AMAZING action begins.

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Marai Haneda takes on our Stud at

Cast:  Marai Haneda, Uncredited Male

Marai is a gorgeous Japanese Porn star with very nice tits.

Marai Haneda prepares for the scene

I got these photos (of Marai) from our friends at (which is a website that specializes in Japanese BBWs and pornstars with big tits).

Now, I don’t really consider Marai to be a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman – a nice way of saying “Fat” or “Overweight”).

Marai Haneda and our stud get cozy

I would certainly agree that Marai is “top heavy”.  Some of you might even think that she is fat (on an Asian standard).  I don’t quite share that view, but I understand if you do.

Anyway, Marai comes to the porn studio (as does our lucky stud).  At this point they “exchange services”.

Our stud tit fucks Marai Haneda

She gives him a very nice blowjob and lets him fuck her tits.

He eats her pussy.

That sounds like a fair deal to me!!!

Afterward, the lucky man gets to fuck this beautiful woman.  And we all get “green with envy”.

Our stud eats Marai Haneda's pussy

That’s porn, my friends.  It sometimes makes you wish that you pursued a different profession.


If you wish to see a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images in this post.


Marai Haneda takes some dick

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